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a mind-manifesting consciousness-expansion through emergent properties of social groups is the neopsychedelic movement

living with people you meet online.

right now I”m in deep with an idea,
a fiction. and to couch it in words half dripping
with meaning, under verboten skies, the dreams
of depicting within verbosity

only a few will pierce this viel. but meaning?

what is meaning? what we bring to the table
what we signify, or something far more, far greater, than the sum
of these disparate parts?

I happen to think we are thee totality of our parts, that the sum of a man
is the sum of the self at its moments of full expression.

and who the fuck is Howard Campbell?

here it is and I look back through my own posts, the posts of others, of admitted neurocam agents, of various convergences in subculture,
and I see this Vonnegutian fiction of Howard Campbell jutting out of myspace, and in sooth twas I, perhaps, who incited this shit somewhat, but still I had no hand in the greater memetic placement.

weirdness abounds, is it weird enough for you Hunter?

do they still stalk the wild buffalo?


no one gives a sht any more.

nothing but soulless, nothing but the yibber jabber.

the redundance, the infinite regress, the ///

mimesis of memetics

fuck, that fractal math was suspect from the get-go, but on retrospect staring at fractals choking the hallucinatory masturbatory experience, you see infinite regression as some supernatural equation, when really it’s just lust of the dice.

fractal motherfucking madness, I saw Regina and it was Yannic Silver. better silver than sulphur.

er, whatever… the words beat their way onto the page at this point, I am an unwitting avatar.

but yeah, we’re staring at the name above the title
wondering why I haven’t blogged about the whole
moving, living with fictional characters.

truth is I knew McFing, back in Kansas

Knowing Howard Campbell

it’s quite a bit the same.

Reality twists to accomodate

That’s pretty much the way of things.

I wish I could say that I found that bit of wisdom in the Tao.

It sounds like something you’d read in the tao.

but it’s more like something I would say in person.

anyway. peace. tell me what you think.



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