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a mind-manifesting consciousness-expansion through emergent properties of social groups is the neopsychedelic movement

Monthly Archives: March 2007

after a two year gap, Grey Lodge Occult Review #18 is out.

and I may not get anything done for a while.

1.holy shit this has a lot of shit.
2.has it really been 2 years??


Jason Louv emailed, apparently this is now available:


UC1 collects under one cover the most volatile and direct magickal
writing currently available in the English language. It will change
you at the cellular level. You have been forewarned.

6″ x 9″, 418 pages, perfect bound, $23.

This is the “Beta” edition as the publication is currently awaiting
an ISBN and barcode for distribution on Amazon and in stores; it is
available to purchase now without a barcode in what is sure to soon
be a limited collector’s item… is Live with the Details.

Signatures from DraftOgre.Com Petition

 Sign the Draft Ogre petition!!

# Name Comments
1 Wes Unruh Only an Ogre can devour the competition!
2 Jerry Cornelius hell yeah! ogres and a black annis for VP.. it could even be condi!
3 Carney It might just help, but I think we’ve had an idiot every damn time a president has been elected. When will people realize its not the figure head but the fucking corporate entity behind it.
4 Alan Gardina If he were legally allowed to run, Nivek Ogre has my vote. But then again, he’s from Canada.
5 Alan Smithee If Americans as a whole want, they can forcibly elect a foriegn-born national and IMprison him into office fo four years! We got the Terminator into office, and he’s from Austria! Actually considering the DraftOgre Campaign could be worth directing as a documentary film…
6 Eduardo Lobo YES all the other candidates are wimps on foreign issues. The only way to beat terrorism is to be more terrible than it.
7 Loki Sataere Ogre for President will solve our national obesity epidemic. With his policy to include goat tossing, boulder smashing, and club-to-club combat in our school’s physical education program, our children will lose the fat and gain massive amounts of ill-shaped, back-hunching muscles!
8 Andrew McFing Ogres should stand up and represcent
9 Chair Infinity The Democrats and Republicans have failed miserably, clearly a huge brute with aggressive tendencies is the solution to all of our problems!


Sign the petition today! Tell Your Friends.  It”s the only sane response to Satanic Vampire for President 2008

Due to popular reception of The Year Zero Phenomenon in February, the compilation returns with dozens of new features!

The Extras:
– Official avatars, icons, a poster, stencils, stickers, and wallpapers (new)

The Lyrics & Transcripts:
– Lyrics to the 5 “leaks” and transcripts to the 2 phone messages.

The Music:
– The 3 propagandous messages from the Anotherversionofthetruth forums.
– 7 fan remixes (new)
– The 2 phone messages.
– 4 live versions of “Survivalism”. (new)
– The “Survivalism” Promo CD featuring the Edited version of the track.
– The contents of the ‘Survivalism USB’: the video in both high and low resolutions! (new)
– A live version of “The Beginning of the End”. (new)
– The 5 Year Zero “leaks”: “The Beginning of the End” (a fair-quality radio rip), “Survivalism”, “Me, I’m Not”, “My Violent Heart”, and “In This Twilight”.
– The Saul Williams remix of “Survivalism”. (new)

The Phenomena:
– Pictures of tour T-shirts and ads that lead to viral marketing sites.
– Pictures of auto-reply messages from select sites. (new)
– Morse codes of select songs.
– Text collages assembled from various websites.
– Pictures of the USB’s containing “leaks”.
– Pictures of The Presence.
– “Invitation.jpg” from the ‘Me, I’m Not USB’.
– Album covers of Beside You In Time, “Survivalism” Promo, “Survivalism”, and Year Zero.
– More…

The Sites:
– Uncompressed high-quality rips of all 18 of the viral marketing web sites, official web site, and SymphonyOfNoise site. (new; I worked forever on this so feedback is GREATLY appreciated )
– Links to the web sites, to view in your own browser.

The Trailer:
– The Year Zero trailer in both high and low resolutions.

– A document stating the status and descriptions of all 16 tracks from the upcoming album.

Enjoy this revised version of the compilation and buy the album on April 17!
Peers: 27 seeders, 22 leechers, 49 total
Size: 1.05 GB

This has videos.


Finding the Gspot is so not hard…

Manufacturing America by Howard Campbell An inquiry into Magick and Muggles

How would you market an aussie makeover?

TV host Jim Cramer reveals a bit too much, not realizing the net is part of real world

However, seconds later, he acknowledged, “I’m not going to say that on TV,” referring to his show on CNBC.

A remarkably successful money manager when he ran the $450 million Cramer Berkowitz hedge fund, Cramer in the Webcast shared his “tips” on how to drive a stock price down so that a short-position – a bet that a stock price would drop – remains profitable.

He added that the strategy – while illegal – was safe enough because, “the Securities and Exchange Commission never understands this.”

Mind Control Drug with the potential to target and erase memories:

“I’d take it in a second,” said Sgt. Michael Walcott, an Iraq War veteran.

The Black Pope behind 9/11. The Case for NASA ufos. An example of subliminal suggestion. check out the blog of the GR8Benwa.


Ep11 - Thurston

EPISODE 11 :: “Fnordsmithing”

Ben Mack and Lorenzo Clark unleash a wild fnord in the Occulterati studio, conjuring an unexpectedly smooth show.

Duration :: 00:31:32
Download :: MP3 (28.872MB)

Hosts :: Brenden Simpson, Wu