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a mind-manifesting consciousness-expansion through emergent properties of social groups is the neopsychedelic movement

“Of course, I’ve had a fair amount of
experience in Cincinnati, which is not really unique among major cities
in this country where drug violence is the primary driver of the
homicide rate,” he adds. “So, I began to think about what can we do
drug policy-wise to stem this violence not only in our American
communities but internationally and began to think about how the drug
market is structured and the relationship between the violence and drug
The conclusions he came to were
inescapable, Rahtz says, and it’s really simple math: Marijuana is the
primary product of the illegal drug market and accounts for 60 percent
of the revenue garnered by drug cartels.
“If we’re serious about choking off the
revenue to these drug traffickers, and that’s my major goal here — if
we’re really serious about choking off the revenue to them — the first
thing we need to do is something about marijuana,” he says.


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