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Monthly Archives: July 2011

State Sen. Dave Wanzenried, D-Missoula, is supporting the effort. He said fellow lawmakers went way too far with their reform effort, and changed strategies several times in a misguided effort to divine the will of the voters who originally approved medical marijuana.



Would the approval of medical marijuana by more than half of U.S. states create momentum for the rescheduling of cannabis on a federal level and perhaps decriminalization or legalization regarding recreational use? Possibly, Fox argues.
“Politicians understand a clear legal majority,” he says. “And in the Senate, there would be majority representation of constituencies that have legal medical marijuana and supported it. And that would definitely be of assistance for getting laws passed on a federal level once it got to the Senate.”

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The wait has been frustrating to patients like Sandy Fiola, of Asbury Park, who has multiple sclerosis and sarcoidosis, an inflammatory disease. She said no one questioned her right to take far more dangerous painkillers, like oxycodone, morphine and fentanyl.
“Using marijuana lets me cut way back on steroids and morphine, it works better, and I’m more lucid,” Ms. Fiola, 54, said. “God, I hope they do this thing. It’s been so long already.”

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“This is a completely different substance than marijuana. We don’t see the types of effects from marijuana as we’re seeing with this product. It’s a very, very serious and dangerous product.”


The Strange Factory: $2,500 Milestone VIII: “The sound arrives. The curtains open. The Performance starts.” For reaching the Strange Factory, you will be rewarded with an invitation from Stronheim himself to stay in his house for a weekend break in the beautiful Czech countryside with a guest. You will also be given two tickets to the live event screening the film, a collector’s edition of the DVD, invited to the cast and crew wrap party and given an Executive Producer credit.

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If the DEA was not already a laughingstock for having lost the war on drugs so convincingly, it has now declared that marijuana is not medicine, despite more than a dozen states having said otherwise. Despite thousands of cancer and HIV patients having said otherwise, despite the federal government’s own National Institute of Health having said otherwise.
Like so many wars, this one perhaps is destined to go on long after even the most devout loyalists know the score.