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a mind-manifesting consciousness-expansion through emergent properties of social groups is the neopsychedelic movement

Monthly Archives: March 2013



Copyright Bill kills a Literary Pirate

Known government agent Copyright Bill murders a Literary Pirate in full view of public! Was the extrajudicial act justified? Will Bill face charges or was his action sanctioned?

Juan Ochoa, 'A Saint' (2013)

Juan Carlos Ochoa, “A Saint” (2013) — buy a print!

And the next thing I know is I feel that somebody, these little guys came into my bedroom and they took me outside.

…from Steven Hirsch’s “Little Sticky Legs”:

“I was getting ready to go to bed and it was late and I happened to be looking out a window and I see what I can only call a very large bird in a tree. And I’ looking at it and it has very large eyes.

“And I feel myself just sinking down on the bed and passing out. And the next thing I know is I feel that somebody, these little guys came into my bedroom and they took me outside. I have no idea what happened after that and the next morning when I had woken up I forgot the entire thing. Which is something I don’t understand. I don’t know why I should keep forgetting all these things.

A strange phenomenon, almost supernatural.

What you will never know is that it is a strange patch of cement in the center of the road that is actually the 12th dimensional flesh of some creature that cannot be fathomed. The space in the road will pucker like a red infected zit blister and a small turd like excretion will appear. Foul in taste and smell but toxick in a way that produced visions of nearby universes and leaves a residual power, most commonly a sexual prowess that allows the worshippers to perform carnal activities until they can again glimpse these worlds.

No, not that kind, man. Not today at least!

This is Flower Power time, and you’re clearly modelling yourself after Eric Podd just a little. You’re not as militant, tho, not by far: unlike Podd, you see there is no need for violence, no need to mess up peoples’ lawns. Yes, in fact, you are opposed to hate in all forms. What good has it ever done anyone? This is a love sensation that you plan to spread across the whole nation, to transform the politics of greed and murder into common goodness and human family.

You know it is the right thing to do.