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a mind-manifesting consciousness-expansion through emergent properties of social groups is the neopsychedelic movement

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dark speech upon the harp: A facebook meme

By dylan

A facebook meme. (Copied from Eve. I’m not on Facebook.) 1) What author do

you own the most books by? Shakespeare? Wilde? Cummings? 2) What book do

you own the most copies of? I’ve gone through several copies of Dylan

Thomas’s poems; …


dark speech upon the harp


Working on a Dream Meme « A Yank Gone South

By Annie

Working on a Dream Meme. Well, my bracket for this year’s basketball

tourney is in the toilet, so I’m just watching UConn now and hoping they

go all the way. I’m taking a break from paper prepping for the conference

deadline on …


A Yank Gone South


I’ve been an addict, a blind fanatic – LET’S DO THIS THING.

By oh, pollux.

radasparks do the cool handwriting meme first) DOUMEKI 01; Do you like this

character? Yes ❤ Doumeki’s very cool. Level-headed, stoic but snarky… He

goes along the vein of the kind of characters I like. …


I’ve been an addict, a blind fanatic


Birdseed’s Tunedown: Kelly Kiddie Meme

By Birdseed

Kelly Kiddie Meme. Sabina heard a couple of Indian/subcontinental kids (age

circa 4) singing on the commuter train here in Stockholm earlier today.

Apparently, they were singing (to the tune of the R Kelly hit) “I believe I

can fly/I …


Birdseed’s Tunedown


fatalis_teru – Meme from Auria, continued

By fatalis_teru

Meme from Auria, continued. 08 ways to win your heart. If I say I don’t

want to talk about it, back off. If a situation gets too sad or serious,

make me laugh. Don’t be mean to people for no reason. Never be mean to

animals. Ever. …




I Like The Word Plethora: Six Things

By (munchkinhugs)

Ah, Jase tagged me in one of these taggable game things (why are meme’s

called memes?). The rules are pretty simple. After listing six random

things about myself, six people will be tagged who should do the same.

Sound easy enough? …


I Like The Word Plethora


Paisley Hanover Acts Out by Cameron Tuttle « Harmony Book Reviews

By harmonybookreviews

I don’t know if you do Memes or not but I tagged you on my blog. 🙂; leah: i

cant wait 2 read it; maryanne: happy birthday jessica!!! fucken love yew

bitch hahaha …


Harmony Book Reviews


adddictions: Inspired by one of Axel’s truths, I thou

By Albert Wesker

Inspired by one of Axel’s truths, I thought I’d pose that age-old question:

who would your characters MARRY, SHAG, or CLIFF from this community?

cliff’s much more fun than just killing. And uhhh just do it however, I

guess if you feel …


DDD’s current addictions and Memes