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a mind-manifesting consciousness-expansion through emergent properties of social groups is the neopsychedelic movement

Author Archives: Edward

The Shaman located his clearing in the woods. There was a slight hill with a knee-high stone planted at the crest. He could see to the east the mountain dawn would be late here. He could feel in his belly the spirit of this place accepted his presence. He unpacked his ritual implements. The hand drum of a reindeer skin stretched over a birch wood ring. He spread the awls and stone working tools around the rock. He pulled three dried mushrooms out of their bag, facing the sinking sun. He chewed them twenty three times each and followed them with mouthfuls from the water skin. He undid the ties on the front of his reindeer skin trousers and with a foot on either side of the stone turned urinating a ring around his mound. No unfriendly spirit would dare enter the territory he had declared.

His fingers tapped the drum, the shaking came from below his knees and he began his dance.


Flames licked the cedar logs filling the air with scent and blasting heat. He sat in the overstuffed chocolate leather armchair with the heavy cloth bound first edition open on his lap. On the side table was a notebook, a pen, his brandy and the Hebrew-English Dictionary.

He was reading silently, he had learned the hard way long ago not to read aloud from these tomes. He replaced the cloth bookmark and bent around to scribble a note about arm positions in the beginning part. He took a sip of his brandy and adjusted the blanket over his legs before returning to his reading, repressing the urge to sound out the barbarous name. Yes, he thought to himself, this will make for an interesting Saturday -those witches won’t know what hit them.