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a mind-manifesting consciousness-expansion through emergent properties of social groups is the neopsychedelic movement

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You have spent years preparing for your encounter with your totem, your guide, the one true spirit animal to show you the way through this mortal life and the lands of the spirits. The walls of your room are postered with star charts, astrological profiles, complex mathematical formulas and proofs of your heralded birth, along side sacred Native American Indian totem dictionary photocopies, and National Geographic clippings of animals you think you identify most strongly with. You just know that you are going to have a great one. A great white owl! Or an eagle! Or a mountain lion!

The mystic herbal tea you have prepared will send you deep into the trance state that will allow you to finally encounter and interact with it. You have said all the right mantras you discovered on the internet, fasted for several days, smoked plenty of grass, all to cleanse your mind and body for this moment. Nothing can go wrong. The powers are inside of you now.

With eyes closed, you chant the sacred chants of the peoples who lived long before you, peoples who were in touch with the earth, and the spirits, and the skies, and the antient powers of your ancestors. The forces flow through you, up from the floor, from deep beneath the floor, from the core of the earth itself. The smoke that fills your mind clears away, revealing a tundra, no, a beach, no, what is this place? It is the place you will find your guide. That is all that matters.

There is a noise! You turn…

Oh, wow.



Mirounga angustirostris

The Strange Factory: $2,500 Milestone VIII: “The sound arrives. The curtains open. The Performance starts.” For reaching the Strange Factory, you will be rewarded with an invitation from Stronheim himself to stay in his house for a weekend break in the beautiful Czech countryside with a guest. You will also be given two tickets to the live event screening the film, a collector’s edition of the DVD, invited to the cast and crew wrap party and given an Executive Producer credit.

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If the DEA was not already a laughingstock for having lost the war on drugs so convincingly, it has now declared that marijuana is not medicine, despite more than a dozen states having said otherwise. Despite thousands of cancer and HIV patients having said otherwise, despite the federal government’s own National Institute of Health having said otherwise.
Like so many wars, this one perhaps is destined to go on long after even the most devout loyalists know the score.


Ólafsdóttir is a member of Ásatrúarfélagid, which honors the Norse pagan religion, and Úlfarsson is a member of the National Evangelical Lutheran Church of Iceland.
When Ólafsdóttir studied tourism at Hólar University she started wondering whether it was possible to have travelers to Iceland participate in heathen rituals. She has now developed tours where Ásatrú is part of the traveling experience.
People are taken to the beach in Arnardalur where a bonfire is lit and the religion introduced to attendees, then a ceremony takes place in which attendees participate.

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Occult practices such as fortune-telling, divination and black magic have always existed in certain strata of Iranian society and were largely tolerated unless individuals claimed to be victimised or defrauded.
In a later interview Mr Afshar added “devil-worshippers” as subjects of the intended crackdown. Devil-worshipper is the collective term that authorities in Iran often use to refer to underground rock bands and young people dressing unconventionally or “western-style”.

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How much do you wish for magic?  William Gaddis said, “There is no truth beyond magic”. We live this magic enchantment every day in the evolution of the biosphere. We live it every day in the econosphere where the Japanese man invented a new business scanning books in tiny apartments into iPads, and selling the books to create space in such tiny apartments. Here is another new adjacent possible empty niche, here economic, created willy nilly by the invention of the iPad.
If you are not enchanted go quiet into a forest and feel the magic becoming.

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Occult ideas colour much of Moore’s work; readers of his stories are never far from ancient sources of mystery like Kabbalah and Tarot. He’s been much influenced by Aleister Crowley (1875-1947), a.k.a. The Great Beast, a prolific English writer who invented obscure religions. In 1993, on his 40th birthday, Moore announced that he had become a ceremonial magician who performs shamanistic rituals.
The occult can be a bit of a downer in the hands of someone like Crowley, but it’s transformed when Moore absorbs it into his work. In a series called Promethea, his main character is a teenager possessed by an ancient pagan goddess, but not in a bad way. Moore has explained that he wanted to write an occult comic without making it dark and scary.

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