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a mind-manifesting consciousness-expansion through emergent properties of social groups is the neopsychedelic movement

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Saintly Glow

“The glowing halo of the sainted is the electric pulse of friction, flesh on flesh, the excitement of earthly delights. Thus, the glow is not from innocence or purity or any such moral nonsense, but the glow of the rapture of the body. Every saint is a horny motherfucker, thirsty like a mad one for the Wine of Life. Every saint is also a bacchanal, every saint is in love with sin and that is what keeps each one alive and glowing, the tenacious desire of the body. Engine of heat and light and sound. A saint could power a whole town if you hooked some wires up to those glistening genitals.”

Fernando Botero - Ecce Homo (1967)

A strange phenomenon, almost supernatural.

What you will never know is that it is a strange patch of cement in the center of the road that is actually the 12th dimensional flesh of some creature that cannot be fathomed. The space in the road will pucker like a red infected zit blister and a small turd like excretion will appear. Foul in taste and smell but toxick in a way that produced visions of nearby universes and leaves a residual power, most commonly a sexual prowess that allows the worshippers to perform carnal activities until they can again glimpse these worlds.

'Les lumières de Noël' par Jiri Hodan (PD)

Merry Santa, full of jollity, our hopes are with thee;
Blessed art thou among all mankind,
and blessed is the fruit of thy generosity, Noël.
Ho-Ho-Holy Santa, Father of Giving,
forgive our naughtiness, as we seek to
keep Christmas all the year.

Alois Kotb, Death and Character (1903)

Rey Hosea Brandauerk presents the definitive guide to the extraction and sale of pineal crystals, offering for the first time a complete disclosure of the tricks and tools of the trade used by experts who have been operating in the trade for decades.

Do not allow yourself to be one of the millions of people who, every year, allow themselves to lose out on the tremendous earning potential of their pineal glands, squandering their big chance to cash in on the huge demand for pineal crystal. With this guide, you will learn, step by step, the process by which pineal crystals are extracted, treated, and sold, providing a full understanding of the opportunity that is waiting for you. Why let your gland power go to waste any longer when you could be profiting from the sale of valuable pineal crystals?


Table of Contents

  • Warnings
  • Foreword
  • Introduction
    • Welcome to the Pineal Crystal Trade!
    • Brief History of the Pineal
    • Tools and Skills Required

  • Anaesthetisation & Drilling
    • Ways and means of anaesthetics (including narcotics guide)
    • Stereotaxy and the Brain Surgeon (including charts and guides)
    • Burr Hole Safety and Suction

  • Evaluation & Insertion
    • What to Expect: endoscope preparation and insertion
    • Your Inner Brain Survey: measure twice, scrape once

  • Ablation & Extraction
    • Scraping and syringe work
    • Safety tips, recommendations

  • Closing Up
    • Bone wax vs. Ostene
    • Sutures: which ones are right for you?
    • Supplements to aid in healing and crystal growth

  • Treatment & Storage
    • Prepping the Product: your treatment options for the finest quality crystal
    • Storing your Crystals: the best solutions for storage and preservation

  • A Seller’s Market
    • Your Security, Their Security
    • The Exchanges

  • Afterword (from the Author)
Pineal Traffickers (illustration by Frank Kelly Freas, c. 1957)