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a mind-manifesting consciousness-expansion through emergent properties of social groups is the neopsychedelic movement

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Saintly Glow

“The glowing halo of the sainted is the electric pulse of friction, flesh on flesh, the excitement of earthly delights. Thus, the glow is not from innocence or purity or any such moral nonsense, but the glow of the rapture of the body. Every saint is a horny motherfucker, thirsty like a mad one for the Wine of Life. Every saint is also a bacchanal, every saint is in love with sin and that is what keeps each one alive and glowing, the tenacious desire of the body. Engine of heat and light and sound. A saint could power a whole town if you hooked some wires up to those glistening genitals.”

Fernando Botero - Ecce Homo (1967)

A strange phenomenon, almost supernatural.

What you will never know is that it is a strange patch of cement in the center of the road that is actually the 12th dimensional flesh of some creature that cannot be fathomed. The space in the road will pucker like a red infected zit blister and a small turd like excretion will appear. Foul in taste and smell but toxick in a way that produced visions of nearby universes and leaves a residual power, most commonly a sexual prowess that allows the worshippers to perform carnal activities until they can again glimpse these worlds.

When state Sen. Karen Tallian first floated the idea of introducing a bill to look at legalizing marijuana, her Statehouse colleagues warned the Portage Democrat that it could kill her chances for re-election.  

But the 60-year-old mother of three thought there might be some public support for taking the crime out of pot, so she sent out an informal survey, via email, to constituents in her northwest Indiana district. Within 72 hours of sending the email, she received more than 2,000 responses. Almost all of them were supportive, and most of the supportive ones said the state should treat marijuana like alcohol: Control its sale and tax it as a revenue enhancer.

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Drug companies want to bring generic THC and CBD to new markets, and have requested that the DEA allow them to grow pot and put organic THC and CBD in pills, according to DEA records posted online last fall. But that requires the DEA to move organic THC down from Schedule I, where it is now, to Schedule III, where synthetic THC Marinol currently is.
According to DEA records, drug companies have requested just such a rescheduling. It appears as if they’re likely to get it at any time, green-lighting a new generation of prescription pot pill farms.

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Occult ideas colour much of Moore’s work; readers of his stories are never far from ancient sources of mystery like Kabbalah and Tarot. He’s been much influenced by Aleister Crowley (1875-1947), a.k.a. The Great Beast, a prolific English writer who invented obscure religions. In 1993, on his 40th birthday, Moore announced that he had become a ceremonial magician who performs shamanistic rituals.
The occult can be a bit of a downer in the hands of someone like Crowley, but it’s transformed when Moore absorbs it into his work. In a series called Promethea, his main character is a teenager possessed by an ancient pagan goddess, but not in a bad way. Moore has explained that he wanted to write an occult comic without making it dark and scary.

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