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a mind-manifesting consciousness-expansion through emergent properties of social groups is the neopsychedelic movement

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Due to popular reception of The Year Zero Phenomenon in February, the compilation returns with dozens of new features!

The Extras:
– Official avatars, icons, a poster, stencils, stickers, and wallpapers (new)

The Lyrics & Transcripts:
– Lyrics to the 5 “leaks” and transcripts to the 2 phone messages.

The Music:
– The 3 propagandous messages from the Anotherversionofthetruth forums.
– 7 fan remixes (new)
– The 2 phone messages.
– 4 live versions of “Survivalism”. (new)
– The “Survivalism” Promo CD featuring the Edited version of the track.
– The contents of the ‘Survivalism USB’: the video in both high and low resolutions! (new)
– A live version of “The Beginning of the End”. (new)
– The 5 Year Zero “leaks”: “The Beginning of the End” (a fair-quality radio rip), “Survivalism”, “Me, I’m Not”, “My Violent Heart”, and “In This Twilight”.
– The Saul Williams remix of “Survivalism”. (new)

The Phenomena:
– Pictures of tour T-shirts and ads that lead to viral marketing sites.
– Pictures of auto-reply messages from select sites. (new)
– Morse codes of select songs.
– Text collages assembled from various websites.
– Pictures of the USB’s containing “leaks”.
– Pictures of The Presence.
– “Invitation.jpg” from the ‘Me, I’m Not USB’.
– Album covers of Beside You In Time, “Survivalism” Promo, “Survivalism”, and Year Zero.
– More…

The Sites:
– Uncompressed high-quality rips of all 18 of the viral marketing web sites, official web site, and SymphonyOfNoise site. (new; I worked forever on this so feedback is GREATLY appreciated )
– Links to the web sites, to view in your own browser.

The Trailer:
– The Year Zero trailer in both high and low resolutions.

– A document stating the status and descriptions of all 16 tracks from the upcoming album.

Enjoy this revised version of the compilation and buy the album on April 17!
Peers: 27 seeders, 22 leechers, 49 total
Size: 1.05 GB

This has videos.


now all the current leaks up to march 8th are available in one torrent download

This is what appears to be all the relevant links for the NIN arg as of this morning, not counting the countless youtube NIN videos that have mushroomed over the last few days.

My Violent Heart (no data noise at end).mp3
The Beginning Of The End.mp3
Me, I’m Not.mp3