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a mind-manifesting consciousness-expansion through emergent properties of social groups is the neopsychedelic movement

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Sigil Magic! Works Every Time!

Saintly Glow

“The glowing halo of the sainted is the electric pulse of friction, flesh on flesh, the excitement of earthly delights. Thus, the glow is not from innocence or purity or any such moral nonsense, but the glow of the rapture of the body. Every saint is a horny motherfucker, thirsty like a mad one for the Wine of Life. Every saint is also a bacchanal, every saint is in love with sin and that is what keeps each one alive and glowing, the tenacious desire of the body. Engine of heat and light and sound. A saint could power a whole town if you hooked some wires up to those glistening genitals.”

While using marijuana to kill cancer may sound like a wild claim to some, it struck Dr. Prakash Nagarkatti as a great idea. In his studies as professor of pathology and microbiology for the University of South Carolina, he tested synthetic cannabis drugs on cancer cells and developed a formula that was able to completely eradicate cancer cells in a test tube.
A follow-up on mice afflicted with cancer found that up to 30 percent in the test group completely rejected their disease, while others had their tumors significantly reduced. The same drug is now being tested on humans with Leukemia.

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“This is a completely different substance than marijuana. We don’t see the types of effects from marijuana as we’re seeing with this product. It’s a very, very serious and dangerous product.”


But isn’t that the point of smoking marijuana? In that respect, isn’t smoking Kronic the same thing?
“Yes, but it’s not as nice,” says Mary.
“There are levels of high – some are clear, and bright, and happy and good fun, and I would put this in a lower category of, ‘dur, I’m a get stoned!’ feeling, and I certainly wouldn’t be happy having my grandchildren… attempt to smoke Kronic as a normal joint.”
Mary thinks if people were just allowed to do their own thing and grow their own naturally, low quality, chemical highs like Kronic wouldn’t be a problem.

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Although half of Californians consistently tell pollsters that they favor legalizing marijuana, the issue remains a touchy one for representatives in one of the nation’s most liberal Legislatures, particularly since voters rejected a general legalization measure last year.
Another bill, SB 676, which would allow farmers to grow industrial hemp, a non-psychoactive variety of marijuana, barely passed the Senate recently. Its author, Sen. Mark Leno (D-San Francisco), had to reassure his colleagues that the material was not a drug. He shelved another bill, which would have barred employers from discriminating against medical marijuana users, for lack of support.

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