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a mind-manifesting consciousness-expansion through emergent properties of social groups is the neopsychedelic movement

Category Archives: Cymatics

  • isoHunt Forums :: View topic – Do you believe in Cymatics? – You can’t just barge into a new community and hold the attention of the forum hostage; forums don’t work like that. It takes time for people to read over what you have to say, and 99% of a forum is offline at any point in time. I totally agree with what you’re trying to say, and would love to hear more.

  • Kymatik-Cymatics – Sound Figures – The sound figures are amazing and once more we can see repeating patterns of nature. Too bad that only home is in english. Maybe you can update, if its ever translated.

  • Cymatics, Sacred Geometry, Vibration, Explanation for crop circles … – The War Room Gun-toting neocon? Tree-hugging lib? Duke it out in the War Room. Cymatics, Sacred Geometry, Vibration, Explanation for crop circles! Here are crop circles over the last phew years. in comparison to sacred geometrical patterns created with vibration and sound.