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a mind-manifesting consciousness-expansion through emergent properties of social groups is the neopsychedelic movement

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A few things, I thought of during a dialog in chat today while referencing a paper I’d been reading…

I’ve been thinking that the reason why social groups form is because we experience stress and overcome stress and it is the experience of stress, and shared modality, that allows a social structure to flesh out…
I’m zen in this chat log:

Edward: What's the angle?

zen: My Gnome, My Guild, My Self: Collective-Projective Identities in MMOs


In a kitchen in Phoenix, Arizona—far from my home—a group of people I simultaneously both knew and didn't know handed me an unusual gift. The people were members of a World of Warcraft guild that I belong to, and many of the members I had known (online only) for over two years. The gift was a tabard: a long bright yellow scarf with pockets on the side and—notably—the guild's crest sewn on to these pockets. It was a strange moment. I was used to seeing my game avatar, Spazma, as a combination of my game and real world identities. What was unsettling was a room full of people presenting me with an item of clothing wherein my real world identity was being marked by an in-game identity. Even more striking, was the feeling that I was part of something bigger than that—as part of the guild, I had taken on an extra identity that exists solely in a digital space (but was being enacted in a real space). The experience was remarkable. I was representing a number of real and imaginary identities at once—what I will soon identify as a collective-projective identity.

Edward: WoW self as performative, um... hmm... projective? I can't remember my smart ass terms for this stuff... damn

zen: collective-projective identity. yes when we were waiting in line for the expansion and they were trying to rile up the crowd, someone shouted "For The Horde!" which she's going to reference in a lter paper

it's interesting watching her develop thjese ideas, and knowing that playing WoW is a way to create a coomunity is part of her beef with second life Edward: I wouldn't mind getting a chance to read this paper, identity construction is a big part of my interests. All identity construction is in a social context. You don't really have an identity without some form of community formation.

zen: encountering and enduring stress together in a modality is a way to create a bond between people, and it works as long as both/all participants are in the same modality. be that a job, a virtual space, a teleconference, any stress, encountered and surmounted forms a bond socially through that modality

Edward: they are mutually co arising phenomena

zen: second life doesn't create stress to be surmounted WoW and other gaming spaces do hence, they work

Edward: VERY interesting angle.

zen: Second Life won't, as quickly or for as long term

Edward: now I get her anti sL bit

zen: well, that's mine and her's mixed togethher but yeah

Edward: cool Almost makes me want to dig into my identity notes...
here’s the stuff I was referencing: interesting writ by Shira Chess