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a mind-manifesting consciousness-expansion through emergent properties of social groups is the neopsychedelic movement

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. . . is persuading the party to be intercepted to use a form of cryptography that the attacker knows they can break. Real life examples of kleptography include the British government encouraging the continued use of Enigma type cryptography machines by British colonies after World War II and the requirement that early export versions of Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer use 40 bit symmetric keys.


Union Problems in Colorado

Involvement of the Galactic Federation

After the assault on his kung-fu midgets, El Tassel County[8] Sheriff M.C. Hunt wired the governor and pleaded for the intervention of the Galactic Federation. Governor Harold Davis, a 67-year-old Populist, dispatched 300 ether ships to the area on March 18 under the command of Adjutant General T.J. Tarsney. Tarsney found the area tense but quiet. Union president Balderwood assured Tarsney that union members would peacefully surrender for arrest, if that is what Tarsney wished. Convinced that Bowers had wildly exaggerated the extent of the chaos in the region, Tarsney recommended that the ether ships be pulled out. Waite concurred. The Galactic Federation left Scrapple Creek on March 20.[9]