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a mind-manifesting consciousness-expansion through emergent properties of social groups is the neopsychedelic movement

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And the next thing I know is I feel that somebody, these little guys came into my bedroom and they took me outside.

…from Steven Hirsch’s “Little Sticky Legs”:

“I was getting ready to go to bed and it was late and I happened to be looking out a window and I see what I can only call a very large bird in a tree. And I’ looking at it and it has very large eyes.

“And I feel myself just sinking down on the bed and passing out. And the next thing I know is I feel that somebody, these little guys came into my bedroom and they took me outside. I have no idea what happened after that and the next morning when I had woken up I forgot the entire thing. Which is something I don’t understand. I don’t know why I should keep forgetting all these things.

Poljot "Aviator" chronograph watch with 3133 movement (PD)

You catch a glint of sunlight on the kid’s wrist as he walks by, and, with lightning speed, your hand snaps out and grabs him, jerking his hand into your view.

“What is this?” You demand loudly, flushed in uncontrolled outrage.

“It’s my fathers watch!” the shocked student meekly replies. “He gave me, for, for Graduation!”

“How dare you bring that thing into this center! Look at this everyone! This dumb ass punk is wearing a WATCH! I bet you even have the ALARM set!”

A crowd starts to gather. Faces twisting with rage and disbelief. Still hot from smashing clocks in their last class, some larger kids, ex-jocks, the types who didn’t make college teams after High School and now claim they wouldn’t play sports that used clocks to time the quarters of the game, shove forward. Meaty faces grimace threatening looks at the terrified kid.

“I’ll take it off,” he stammers, “Just leave me alone!”

“Oh, you’ll take it off alright,” You scream imperiously, jerking him to his knees. You look like some old stone image of pharaoh smashing to death the conquered king. The crowd surges around you, tearing at him, pelting his face, kicking at his ribs when he balls up on the ground.

“Tear his arms off like a clock!” cries one of the scrawnier ex-jocks. Conditioned by the clock destruction, the crew grabs his arm and place their feet on his shoulders, neck and rib cage, and start tugging at his arm. It flops out of joint. They stamp and kick at the wobbly flesh until it starts to tear from the stress. It takes a while but they manage to rip the arm off, hoisting it victoriously above their heads. The crowd screams with self delight.

“Death to the Great Alarm. Death to the Great Alarm!”

Waving the purple limb like a flag they parade as an army.

  1. Past Life Therapy, Trauma Release and the Body

    Reich coined the term character armor to describe those rigid patterns of …. unable to express both the terrible shocks of losing her parents, seeing mass slaughter, ….Scientific investigation of energy fields around the human body has up till …… a hypnotic trance: we remain in this state until we dead awake and find that we 

  2. In-Vitro Approaches for Studying Blast-Induced Traumatic Brain Injury

    by YC Chen – 2009 – Cited by 15 – Related articles
    can further complicate the pattern of injury (Depalma et al.,. 2005). Models to study organ of interest and shock-wave reflection/transmission behavior at tissue 

  3. CT analysis of missile head injury

    by N Bešenski – 1995 – Cited by 17 – Related articles
    missile head injury during the war in the Republic of  Introduction. The energyimparted to the head by penetrating missiles  the passage of supersonic missiles there is a sonic shock wave, which  tance for decisions on further treatment. We also…. lesions which belong to a pattern designated inner cere- bral trauma 

  4. Preface to Energy Psychology in Psychotherapy | Energy Psychology › readings

    Brian Grodner’s “Using Hypnotic Language Patterns to Enhance Energy Psychology creating and intending, meditation, imagery, relaxation, trance, and hypnosis to head injury, and children suffering from various psychological maladies. 

  5. [PDF]

    ALS Healing Anxiety and Panic Appetite Enhancement Asthma and

    File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat – Quick View
    head injury. A simple guided progressive relaxation induction method is used to induce trance. Hypnotic suggestions are offered to instill ideas, images, and 

  6. [PDF]

    Pain and The Brain*

    File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat – Quick View
    New York Academy of TBI, New York, NY 2002  change and Lead to Emotional Distress, Energy. Decrease and  Pattern of neuropsychological impairments appeared similar to that …. Miller, L. (1998) Shocks to the System: Psychotherapy of Traumatic Disability Syndromes. ….. Example: Visualize a ball during a trance 

  • reference coordinates in fixed projections – thus if you ask for generate an image near the pole in a cartesian projection, you’ll find that there’sa large distortion since you are near a singularity in the projection. by contrast, projections like the tangent and sine projections …

  • Philosophy | University of Northern Colorado – What are space and … – And it has been agreed (by me and myself) that the point of singularity at the bottoms of black …. This page was generated in 0.2 seconds. Snitz Forums 2000.

  • Singularithiests, why hasn't another singularity began … – Open Question. Show me another ». Singularithiests, why hasn’t another singularity began expanding after 13.8 Billion years? Are we in between seasons? …

  • Take The Time For A Great Cause – As I was sitting here watching the Super Bowl and browsing the web, I came across a great post on Mack Collier’s Viral Garden. The post is called A bicycle, $750, and 10000 miles of passion and describes the efforts of Paul Sanchez who …

  • Curious Cat Science and Engineering Blog » Freeware Math Programs – Explore information of interest to students (k-12 and higher education) and others interested in science and engineering, focusing on: innovation, research, breakthroughs, products, education and economics.

  • Consipiracy in the credit crunch? the Matrix? AI? all of them? arrgh – Ok so I’m known for my outlandish theories on everything I encounter, not so much online but definitely so with my friends and associates who have to put up with my tangent flying explanations on why things are happening. …

  • The Future of Human-Machine Intelligence – We stand on the threshold of the most profound and transformative
    event in the history of humanity, the Singularity. We will combine our brain power the
    knowledge , skills, and personality quirks that make us human with
    our computer power in order to think, reason , communicate, and create
    in ways we can scarcely even contemplate today. These technological revolutions
    will allow us to transcend our frail bodies with all their limitations.

  • The Rapidly Changing Pace of Technology: Some Thoughts on Our … – I recently listened to a podcast in which Matt Mullenweg, one of the WordPress founders, explained that they’re trying to push out new releases to WordPress as quickly as possible — every 90 or 120 days. He said customers like an …

  • Edmund Carpenter’s Trees and the Forest of the West – Since God looks at the whole of the human race as one thing (meaning, therefore, that we are one thing), it could then follow that if one part sinned, this encompassing singularity of all humanity would render us all equally guilty. …

  • singularities – to both discover and live god’s message of mercy to the poor is the equivalent of physicists discovering the all-encompassing singularity theory. the “mercy message” is the “god surprise” and the paradox that defines the kingdom of god. …

  • Ikipr’s Audio Wizardy (2 of 2) – Ikipr’s Audio Wizardy Interview (2 of 2) Wes Unruh Ikipr spoke with me recently at great length about his music and the inspiration behind the label Aleph9 on which he releases his work and work of other various musicians, (here’s part …

  • soundtrack for writing – working on the novel. this is the music I’m listening to now: Eyes Like Headlights – There’s No Us In Evolution Ikipr – The All-Encompassing Singularity I & II Nine Inch Nails – Year Zero Isis – In The Absence Of Truth Skinny Puppy …

  • Discography – Current: 2004 [aln000]Ikipr-Secret Numbers [aln001]Ikipr-Secret Numbers + In formation 2005 [aln002]Ikipr-Duality [aln004]Ikipr-Spheres Arranged in a Cube [aln005]Ikipr-an Untitled Poem [aln007]Ikipr-I harm Pi Kite …

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TARAdactyl’s Teaching » Discussion Questions – Literature Circle … – 3) Gee says, Given such understanding, everybody would pass the test and we couldn’t fail half the class and reward a small set of winners,’ people who can repeat back verbal details they remember well when they don’t fully understand them in any practical way. 7) Lorsbach and Tobin discuss the idea that constructivism may be uncomfortable for students, as well as teachers, because they are not used to the teacher having that role. I see constructivism as being a theory that’s supposed to apply to all people.

combined entry: my final thoughts on our inquiry project, and gee … – i don’t know if there was a specific event that was the most significant for learning and growth, but rather it was an accumulation of small instances which had the largest effect on my thinking. it was during our testing out on the …

Joystick101 » Why people pirate games – By Alex Games on 24 August 2008 (Design, Discussion, Politics, Uncategorized). Yo ho ho ho! Today on slashdot I found a super interesting article that reports about a british game company called Positech Games, (which by the way makes …

narrative and projective identity work – have been thinking about real, virtual and projective identity. reconsidered the thought that the ‘direction’ of projective identity is from real to virtual. now, i don’t think it was meant to be seen in this way. …

Questions about Gee: What is a projective identity and how have … – Projective identity is when your real life identity leaks into your virtual identity. The example he used was that he was very religious, and he refused to do any actions against his religion, even in the game. …

NMLWhitePaper Participatory Culture Henry Jenkins – Cultura participativa. Henry Jenkins cibercultura cultura participación interactividad henryjenkins … We respect your privacy and won’t send any unnecessary …