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a mind-manifesting consciousness-expansion through emergent properties of social groups is the neopsychedelic movement

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Max Klinger, 'Der pinkelden Tod' (or Peeing death)


Copyright Bill kills a Literary Pirate

Known government agent Copyright Bill murders a Literary Pirate in full view of public! Was the extrajudicial act justified? Will Bill face charges or was his action sanctioned?

No, not that kind, man. Not today at least!

This is Flower Power time, and you’re clearly modelling yourself after Eric Podd just a little. You’re not as militant, tho, not by far: unlike Podd, you see there is no need for violence, no need to mess up peoples’ lawns. Yes, in fact, you are opposed to hate in all forms. What good has it ever done anyone? This is a love sensation that you plan to spread across the whole nation, to transform the politics of greed and murder into common goodness and human family.

You know it is the right thing to do.

so Im making a post about it

A gathering of children rolling die in an alley.

History repeating as the clacking of die on paved ground, and they are always there.