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Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) March 3, 2009 — DPRGRM/Pilotlite announced a project today that forges a new path in independent cinema by bringing together real world experience and film in a unique way. ‘Y’ brings an audience inside the creation of a modern myth. The audience will become actual cast members, and be immersed in the story in real time. The film crew will also be part of the story as well as part of the cast, therefore creating a total immersive experience that bridges the traditional proscenium of audience/performer.

The ambitious staging and shooting technique is enhanced by the premise that in the future, government facilities, such as the one depicted in this film, will have to turn to unorthodox means of funding, such as contracting the facility out as the subject of a reality based TV show. The actual crew will be made up of news, reality and documentary style cinematographers and the production will be filmed entirely in the Cinéma vérité style.

Written by John Harrigan and James Curcio, and directed by Joseph Matheny, Y is a unique production fusing characters from Curcios second published novel, Fallen Nation: Babylon Burning and Harrigans screenplay GraveLand, currently in pre production.

DPRGRM will finance and distribute the film, working alongside online media corporation Pilotlite, a joint venture between Joseph Matheny and Michael Mailer Films.

Joseph Matheny, founder of DPRGRM and Pilotlite co-founder says: We will be employing cutting edge production, post production and distribution techniques that have been gestating for several years while the technology caught up to the vision. We chose this project and this team specifically because the project lends itself to the medium and the people can keep up.

James Curcio, Creative Director of Mythos Media, says: Mythos Media was founded specifically to work on projects like this, and modern myths have been my life passion. I am eager to dive in and create this world, both as production designer and producer of the soundtrack. However, even more, I am eager to collaborate with all of the creatives that are already lining up to become a part of this truly one-of-a-kind project.

John Harrigan, Artistic Director of FoolishPeople comments: Members of FP and I are extremely excited to be working on a project with such a talented and unique team. ‘Y’ will redefine what is possible in film production and I’m looking forward to taking on the role of Performance Director.

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” from rough cut footage of the upcoming slasher film Mr. Sneaky “

Who is Joe Christ?

DVD – “GOOD AND PLENTY: Joe Christ Volume 3″ (2006) – – containing:  Amy Strangled A Small Child (1998) and My Struggle (2000) plus some fun extras!


DVD – “THEY DIE NEXT: Joe Christ Volume 1” (2002) – – containing 3 of my early movies – Speed Freaks With Guns (1991), Crippled (1992) and Acid Is Groovy Kill The Pigs (1993).


DVD – “THE DIRECTOR YELLED CUT: Joe Christ Volume 2” (2003) – – containing Sex Blood & Mutilation (1995) starring Genesis P-Orridge, Tattoo Mike Wilson, Communion In Room 410 (1988), Is It Snuff? You Decide! (1997), and Sex Blood & Mutilation 2 (1996).


Interview Published December 22, 1999

GETTINGIT: I don’t suppose the Amish keep up on independent movies, but have you heard anything from their community about this?

JC: No, I haven’t, but we lived there for a couple of years, until this past spring, and I could always find some reason to work the subject into the various conversations I’d have with people. I had already based a movie on a person I had met in the area — that’s who Amy Strangled a Small Child was all about. I found Lancaster, Pennsylvania to be so creatively stimulating that I had to base an entire film on the local culture, as a tribute — the Amish have become so inbred that there are two types of dwarfism which are only found in Lancaster County and the surrounding areas. Needless to say, the subject of “inbreeding” is a very sensitive matter in that area.

In my current project, My Struggle, we have Amish men who are so inbred that they’ve taken to kidnapping female tourists who the Amish hope will help dilute their stagnant gene pool. To achieve this objective, the kidnappers use rape, but only after the victims are forced to wear Halloween-type sheep masks. I’m in the movie as well, as a wacky Gulf War vet who lives in an attic and tries to pass off paint-by-number pieces to galleries as his own work. His life story is very similar to Hitler’s, though instead of attempting to conquer Europe, my character ends up “rescuing” kidnapped tourists. I don’t want to give too much of this away, but I think you get the picture.

According to his myspace page “These DVDs can be ordered directly from me (Joe Christ) by sending payment by way of PayPal to (be sure to specify which DVDs you want)

1 DVD – $15 * 2 DVDs – $25 * 3 DVDs – $35 * All 4 DVDs – $40”

Currently, which means right now, as you read this (and this is date stamped, so don’t be coming around asking what currently means a week from now, you gotta check this while it’s hot, before the search engines come roaring through the pathways we’re carving out here) there’s a video on frequency23 dot net you should check out that links disney, anna nicole (or El oc Inanna.. the priestess in project monarch, from liber 91: the buterfly net to ashton kutchner in the butterfly effect. wild shit, I tell you what.

reality is fucking strange. watching too much tv fucks with your natural perceptions