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a mind-manifesting consciousness-expansion through emergent properties of social groups is the neopsychedelic movement

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FUck yes up

At that hard-edge club downtown, “The Fucking Bastards”, you score your first shot of Carney Piss. According to the street talk, Carney’s piss has some chemical agent in it that really zoo-zoo-zooms a user. A real kick in the brain, all ornery and hateful, just pulverizes you silly. You hope it’s the real stuff and not just some freak’s urine, fresh whizzed…

You spend alot of time at web sites like Frequency 23, Irreality, Neopsychedelic, pastfuture, Nads n Clones,, and others looking for posts by the Dildo Mask Bandit. In a very short time you have it all reasoned out: this man called Carney is the Dildo Mask Bandit.

Dildo Mask Bandit


post esozone this standing room only Ground Zero Lounge features Freeman from the Freeman Perspective and Rex Church from the church of Satan giving us the true meaning of Columbus day and the coded numeric meanings of the Baphomet, the Templars, the cornerstones of the Twin Towers and the Whitehouse.

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Experimental radionic command signal operation blue fly free weapon meme hyperstition hypersigil armed target acquired you are god artichoke monarch blue fly moonbeam radionic command signal operation free weapon meme hyperstition hypersigil

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